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❶Toepp, Angela Jean , Host factors that alter Leishmania infantum transmission. Hall, Sarah Lynne , Characterizing the contribution of hippo pathway dysregulation to sarcomagenesis.

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Mullally, Andrew , Singing saw: Mwenda, Edward , Beyond asymmetric allylic amination: Natarina, Ari , Complementation in Balinese: Noonan, Thomas Zachary , Decision making under uncertainty in the emergency department: Ohta, Renka , Integrated listening-to-write assessments: Ooi, Felicia Kye-Lyn , Uncovering how the nervous system controls the cellular stress response in the metazoan Caenorhabditis elegans.

Ou-Yang, Ray , The way to a dominant international currency: Oweis, Reem , Associations between fluoride intakes, bone outcomes and dental fluorosis.

Palmer, Kassandra Boehm , Strangers in the night. Palmer, Zachary Thomas , Identifying patterns of influenza A genotypes in wild birds. Pan, Xiaofei , Investigating the development of syntactic complexity in L2 Chinese writing. Pappas, Nicholas Harry Barr , Expanding the occlusal phenotype of non-syndromic orofacial clefting. Parida, Mrutyunjaya , Exploring and analyzing omics using bioinformatics tools and techniques. Peng, Wenjuan , Complete solo piano suites by Rodion Shchedrin. Permeswaran, Palani Taver , Validation of computational methods for fracture assessment of metastatic disease to the proximal femur.

Ramaswamy, Maya , Assessing occupational health among transitional agricultural workforces: Rau, Austin , Environmental processes of H3N2 influenza genetics and hospitalizations in Minnesota Reichlen, Christopher Patrick , A comparison of linear and nonlinear ECG-based methods to assess pilot workload in a live-flight tactical setting.

Reiff, Marija , The syncretic stage: Rose, Katrina Cordray , Forgotten paths: American transgender legal history, Ross, Marina , My pleasure forever yours. Ruden, Amber Lynn , Undergrowth.

Runnalls, Cristina , The secondary mathematics experiences of English language learners. Russ, Arianna , Belladonna. Ryan, Hayley Melissa , Creating character: Scheivert, Joseph Elliott , Big life. Schoenfeld, Joshua David , The role of redox-active iron metabolism in the selective toxicity of pharmacological ascorbate in cancer therapy.

Schroer, Hunter William , Biotransformation and photolysis of 2,4-dinitroanisole, 3-nitro-1,2,4-triazolone, and nitroguanidine. Scott-Harp, DeAnn , Barriers to the adoption of safe beef cattle handling practices, equipment, and facilities in Iowa.

Seedorff, Michael Thomas , Methods for testing for group differences in highly correlated, nonlinear eye-tracking data.

Shen, Ninggang , Microstructure prediction of severe plastic deformation manufacturing processes for metals.

Shin, Dong Hoon , The transition from school to jobs: Simmons, Jacob Paul , While converging. Sloan-Heggen, Christina Marie , Precision health and deafness—optimizing genetic diagnosis.

Smith, Rebecca Avery , Measuring the past: Solberg, Johan , The papermaking tradition of Central Asia. Spiering, Jenna , Discourses of adolescence in interpretations and responses to literature.

Spruill, Denise Lynn Pate , "From the tub to the club": Stiegler, Cole , Efficient local optimization for low-rank large-scale instances of the quadratic assignment problem. Swaney, Colin , Essays in empirical finance with latent structure modeling. Swist, Jeremy Joseph , A principio reges: Tamegnon, Monelle , Avoiding the redundant effect on regression analyses of including an outcome in the imputation model. Taylor, Michelle Marie , From sentiment to sagacity to subjectivity: Tessmann, Jonathon , Neuroendocrine genomics for tumor variant discovery.

Gougler, Kylie , Czech arias for soprano: Thomas, Christopher Scott , Engendering environmental justice: Thompson, Jessica Rae , 2D and 3D control of photopolymerized polycaprolactone scaffolds for cell replacement therapy in retinal disease. Tien, Yu-Yu , Influences on physician decisions to use non-standard treatments. Toepp, Angela Jean , Host factors that alter Leishmania infantum transmission.

Tully, Meg , Trainwreck feminism: Tuwei, David Kiplagat , Communication technology, capabilities and livelihoods: Twardowski, Zach , Cosmos in chaos: Van Waardhuizen, Sarah Nicole , Perceptions of administrative autonomy-support and teacher autonomy-support in music education.

Vier, Riley Todd , Machines of curation. Volpi, Silvia , High-fidelity multidisciplinary design optimization of a 3D composite material hydrofoil. Walker, Greg Delany , Embracing failure: Wang, Tianming , Non-convex methods for spectrally sparse signal reconstruction via low-rank Hankel matrix completion.

Wang, Xiao , On pricing barrier options and exotic variations. Warnick, Lindsay , Stage managing Seed. Webber, Patricia Marie , Terrane accretion and translation on the western margin of Gondwana. Widmayer, Heather , Biogeographical patterns associated with genome-wide genetic differentiation in a widespread species of South American Blepharoneura fruit flies Tephritidae.

Wismer, Meredith Anne , Hunt, gather, garden: Xu, Mo , The high finger piano technique in China: Yang, Shuyi , Constructing informal diagnostic reading assessment instruments for lower-level Chinese as second language readers. Yeates, Catherine Jean , The reversibility and limits of homeostatic synaptic plasticity. Zdilar, Luka , Evaluating the effect of right-censored endpoint transformation for dimensionality reduction of radiomic features of oropharyngeal cancer patients. Zhang, Xiaoliu , MRI-based active shape model of the human proximal femur using fiducial and secondary landmarks and its validation.

Zhang, Yan , Associations of bladder antimuscarinics with delirium and antipsychotics utilization in nursing homes in Iowa. Zhao, Chang , Quantifying and mapping the supply of and demand for urban ecosystem services. Agne, Jason , Automated image-based estimation of severity and cause of optic disc edema.

Al-Jumaili, Ali Azeez Ali , A systems approach to identify factors influencing prevention, detection and management of adverse drug events in nursing homes. Alwahbi, Abdullah Abdulmohsen , Using contingency contracting to improve social interactions between students with ASD and their peers.

Andersen, Jennifer Kathleen , Utility of an electronic data collection modality for supporting school professionals in the implementation of behavioral treatments. Andrews, Michael Jeffrey , Fuel of interest and fire of genius: Ariyakriangkai, Watcharaphong , Effect of double layer technique on hydrogen peroxide penetration and tooth whitening efficacy. Asikin-Garmager, Eli Scott , Sasak voice. Augspurger, Christine Anne , Transience: Awasthi, Rakesh , Application of modeling-based approaches to study the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of Deltatetrahydrocannabinol THC and its active metabolite.

Bafti, Sepand , Regeneration and protection of synapses after noise-induced cochlear synaptopathy. An examination of process and variance models of implementation. Bankers, Laura , Parasites, ploidy, and sex: Bao, Minli , A Moving-window penalization method and its applications.

Barnes, Janel Kay , Regression and boosting methods to inform precisionized treatment rules using data from crossover studies. Barragan Nieto, Jose Pablo , De bubas y anticuerpos: Bartram, Faye , 35mm bridges: Behrens, Erica Lynn , Perfectionism and quality of life among college students with rheumatoid arthritis. Bejgum, Bhanu Chander , Uptake and distribution of ultrafine nanoparticles and microemulsions from the nasal mucosa.

Benavides, Amanda Michelle , Early neurodevelopmental outcomes in preterm infants: Bender, Jacob , Latin labyrinths, Celtic knots: Bernabo, Laurena Elizabeth Nelson , Translating identity: Beswick-Honn, Jessica Marie , Evaluation of low-cost hydrogen sulfide monitors for use in agriculture. Bhattacharya, Ipshita , Pushing the limits of spectroscopic imaging using novel low-rank based reconstruction algorithm. Bhowmick, Santanu , Multi-covering problems and their variants.

Bitterman, Patrick , A coupled agent-based model of farmer adaptability and system-level outcomes in the context of climate change. Bodle, Christopher Ralph , Identification of small molecule inhibitors of regulator of G protein signaling proteins for pretherapeutic development for treatment of multiple pathologies. Borchert, Nick , Nameless wonders and dumb despair: Borget, Gisela Lilian , Variation in arch shape and dynamics of shape change from infancy to early childhood.

Bowman, Richard , Regulation of synaptonemal complex assembly through nuclear import and loading of cohesins and SYP-2 proteins in Caenorhabditis elegans. Brasherfons, Lukas , Unlimited passion: Brauner, Nathan , Dance Gala Brouillette, Rachel Bottjen , Arenaviruses: Brown, Alex Joseph , Maintenance and modification of mesenchymal stromal cell immunosuppressive phenotype. Brummett, Adam Eugene , Enzymology of microbial dimethylsulfoniopropionate catabolism. Bucklin, Jake , Isotopic analysis of shallow groundwater of the Clear Creek watershed.

Burke, Christine , From the signal. Candler, Margaret Mary , The influence of perfectionism on mental health in gifted and twice-exceptional students. Caples, Christine , Classifying 2-string tangles within families and tangle tabulation. Carviou, James , Modern family and Family guy: Casillas, Alexandra Rose , Impetus and Execution: A Lighting and Scenic Design Portfolio.

Chen, Changya , Dynamics of epigenome and 3D genome in hematopoietic stem cell development. Cheng, Zhengyang , A numerical study of flow hydrodynamics and mixing processes at open channel confluences. Chen, Howard , The effects of movement speeds and magnetic disturbance on inertial measurement unit accuracy: Chen, Wei-Lin , Understanding the student success gap: Chen, Yingjie , Human experience affects form and function. Chirco, Kathleen Rose , Mechanisms of pathophysiology and methods for regeneration of the choriocapillaris in age-related macular degeneration.

Chiu, I-Hsuan Shaine , Models for bundle preference estimation using configuration data. Cho, Myung , Convex and non-convex optimizations for recovering structured data: Christopher, Justin , Testimony in narrative educational research: Chung, Timothy Kwang-Joon , Study of multi-axial failure properties of planar biological soft tissues.

Colbow, Alexander James , Examining the relations between subjective social class, academics, and well-being in first-generation college student veterans. Collins, Tom , The creation of cultural white supremacy in Arizona, Colombo, Mariana Ruggiero , Understanding L2 motivation through selves and currents: African American representations of slavery before and after the Civil War. Cosme, Caitlin Victoria , The role of the prefrontal cortex in cocaine and heroin seeking following extinction training.

Cosner, Justin David , Make-believe: Crowley, Jenny Linnea , Managing stigma through interpersonal interactions: Cui, Chen , MRI fat-water separation using graph search based methods.

Czuprynski, Kenneth Daniel , Numerical analysis in energy dependent radiative transfer. Dai, Yifan , Essays on information, search and pricing. Daniels, Sheila Meghnot , Comparison of surgical and non-surgical orthodontic treatment approaches on occlusal and cephalometric outcomes in patients with severe Class II division I malocclusions.

Dausman, Taryn Bette Catherine , Low cost air quality monitors in agriculture. Davidson, Lauren Michel , Strategies for high efficiency silicon solar cells. Davis, Jonathan , Cancer risk in children of agricultural health study participants. Davis, Lauren Zagorski , Characteristics of life stress experienced prior to the diagnosis of ovarian cancer: Differential effects on psychosocial functioning and the role of protective resources.

Dearing, Mason Andrew , Changes in marginal ridge alignment from early childhood to late adulthood in an untreated Caucasian population using the Iowa growth study sample. Deonovic, Benjamin Enver , MCMC sampling methods for binary variables with application to haplotype phasing and allele specific expression. De Vito, Christie , Comparison of personal attenuation ratings attained by agricultural and industrial workers for four hearing protection types using the 3M E-A-RFIT dual validation system.

Du, Lingyun , Analyzing the impact of resolution and aerosol radiation feedbacks on air quality simulation during a winter haze in northern China. Duncan, Andrew Jacob Edward , Explorations in crystal engineering: Dyer, James Steven , From conniving usurers to minions of the devil: Edmonds, Stephanie Westlake , Examining reproductive life planning practices among Title X clinicians in the Midwest: Eitrheim, Eric Steven , Characterization of wastes pertaining to naturally occurring radioactive materials NORM and the nuclear fuel cycle.

Elango, Rajula , Break-induced replication repair pathway promotes mutagenesis and genomic instability in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Elgreatly, Amira , Management of initial caries lesions: ElSaadani, Mohamed , A spatio-temporal dynamical evaluation of satellite rainfall products in hydrologic applications.

Esmaeilpour, Mehdi , A ship advancing in a stratified fluid: Ewoodzie, Kwesi Arkoh , International standards, local flavors: Fan, Junchuan , Modeling space-time activities and places for a smart space —a semantic approach. Fawkes, Keva , Upwelling. Feller, Gavin Stuart , Media as compromise: Finlen, Kate Elizabeth , Long lower anterior face height: Flippo, Kyle Harrington , Phosphoregulation of DRP1 at the mitochondria in vivo regulates ischemic sensitivity in the brain and memory.

Flores, Guadalupe , The pirate queen. Folly da Silva Constantino, Laura , An effective layered workflow of virtual screening for identification of active ligands of challenging protein targets. Freese, Lauren , Taste in the city: Friedrich, Ryan Maxwell , Access to the C15—C40 fragment of tetrafibricin via configuration-encoded 1,5-polyol methodology.

Fyotek, Tyler , Deathics: Homeric ethics as thanatology. Gao, Long , Network-based approaches to studying healthy and disease development.

Ghattas, Andrew Emile , Medical imaging segmentation assessment via Bayesian approaches to fusion, accuracy and variability estimation with application to head and neck cancer. Ghayoor, Ali , Improved interpretation of brain anatomical structures in magnetic resonance imaging using information from multiple image modalities.

Ghazal, Tariq , Prevalence, incidence and risk factors for dental caries in preschool and school-aged African American children: Giuliani, Nicholas Patrick , Comparisons of physiologic and psychophysical measures of listening effort in normal-hearing adults. Givens, Brittany Estelle , The bovine serum albumin protein corona on nanoparticles: Goodwin III, Jon Willie , Arithmetical computation and associated neuropsychological capabilities in children, adolescents, and young adults with nonsyndromic orofacial clefts.

Gordy, Clayton Jackson , Ears on rears: Grafton, Andrea Bray , Vibrational dynamics of strongly hydrogen-bonded acid-base complexes in solution. Gray, Megan , Teaching music entrepreneurship in the chamber music classroom: Grekin, Rebecca , Factor structure and risk of perinatal posttraumatic stress disorder. Gritsenko, Andrey , Bringing interpretability and visualization with artificial neural networks.

Guimaraes-Young, Amy , Gynecological tissue homeostasis and tumorigenesis studies using mouse models. Gu, Sean Xiang , Redox regulation of vascular thrombosis and stroke by methionine oxidation. Gutowski, Sarah Margaret , The bright side of failure: Hagiwara, Asami , Guide to the published solo piano music of Jean Sibelius — Haglin, Anna Marie , Unother. Haines, Bryce Jordan , Characterization of hydrology and water quality at a restored oxbow: Hale Keuseman, Sarah G.

Haley, Andrew Allerton , An obedient participant in late capitalism explains art. Hallett, Laura Ann , Design and laboratory evaluation of an inexpensive noise sensor. Hall, Sarah Lynne , Characterizing the contribution of hippo pathway dysregulation to sarcomagenesis. Dissertations provide additional context for research published in journals or conference proceedings while surfacing hard to find information such as negative results.

Dissertations are an important and valuable tool for literature reviews, with deep coverage and extensive bibliographies that surface sources and ideas that would otherwise be missed. Audio, video, data, survey instruments, and other types of digital files are included for thousands of works.

ProQuest offers best-in-class customer service, technical support, and training so you can hit the ground running with your ProQuest products and leverage everything they can do. University of La Verne Case Study. London School of Economics Case Study. University of Surrey Case Study. This database also includes exclusive online content. It features full-text titles from around the world, including scholarly journals, trade and industry journals, magazines, technical reports, conference proceedings, government publications, and more.

For the Ndutu lions in the East African plains, the time of year marks the dry season and a struggle to stay alive.

Four decades of successes and setbacks in protecting the layer of the atmosphere that protects us. Fast Facts The largest single repository of graduate dissertations and theses Includes 4 million works — grows by K each year International scope — deposits from universities in 88 countries Accessed by institutions — over 45, downloads every month. Download a short description. Complete Your Collection Dissertations and theses complete your library collection by surfacing original research that can often be the only source of information on a given topic.

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