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❶Cultural and health-related programs. Criminal Justice Human Services.

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Grants for seed money, emergency funds, building funds, equipment, land acquisition, matching funds, technical assistance, and program-related investment. Limited primarily to Wisconsin, emphasis on Marathon County. Funding concentrated on physical revitalization and economic development of Detroit. Funding for community development, AIDS, homeless, the aged, social services, health, education and the arts. Money for annual campaigns, building funds, emergency funds, equipment, general purposes, land acquisition, research, seed money, renovation projects and special projects.

Limited to Arizona-based organizations and national organizations that fund programs in Arizona. Letter and application form required. Maxine Marshall, Vice President. Policy Development and Research. Budget, Contracts and Program Control Division. Project grants for research and demonstration projects pre-selected by the Department of Housing and Urban Development as high priority projects designed to improve HUD program operations. Funding for renovation projects, housing, community development, environment, arts, health, social services.

Community Development Block Grants are made to cities and counties which in turn lend them to eligible businesses to provide jobs. Hall Family Foundation PR. Funding support for the arts, youth especially education economic development, and the elderly. Grants for program-related investments, seed money, emergency funds, building funds, special projects and renovation projects. Pence of John Laney, Program Officers. Funding for programs relating to rural poverty, racism, health, education, and social services.

Oregon Resource and Technology Development Corp. Seed and early-state capital for new products. The Barnes Foundation, Inc. Program related investments, seed money, support for educational programs.

Barnes, President or S. Funding for neighborhood development, job training, cultural programs, education , health and human services. Limited principally to the Boston area.

Tax incentives to qualified small businesses in specific distress area enterprise zones in cities in Kansas. Clorox Company Foundation NP. Building grants for the following field of interest: Grants given in area of Oakland, California, for company organizations with an emphasis on social welfare, cultural organizations, youth organizations, community development, disabled, elderly, minorities, health organizations, abused women.

Sales Office of Technology Assistance. State St, CN Long term corporate loans and grants to small businesses that might otherwise have problems locating capital. Funding for programs that benefit the arts, social services, historic preservation, community development, youth. Limited to Indiana ,.

Division of Financial Assistance. Iowa Dept of Economic Development. Grants for woman owned and minority owned businesses, plus special information sources to assist in all aspect of business management. Grants for woman owned and minority owned business, plus special information sources to assist in all aspects of business management.

Ottawa, 3 rd Floor. Communities Foundation of Texas, Inc. Support for feed money, emergency funds, building funds, equipment, land acquisition, matching funds, technical assistance, and special projects. Limited primarily to the Dallas, Texas area. E First National Bank Bldg. Funding for community and urban development, economic development, resource management, arts, health.

Karl Stauber , President. Social welfare, cultural organization, colleges and universities, hospitals, religious organizations, child welfare, homeless, recreation, disabled, renovation grants. The Field Foundation of Illinois, Inc. Primarily the Chicago area. Funds for health, welfare, education, cultural activities and civic affairs. Grants focused on youth agencies, race relations and seniors.

Support for emergency funds, building funds, equipment, land acquisition, technical assistance and special projects. Funding for community development, youth agencies, cultural programs, education. Existing Industry Development Division. Grants for woman owned and minority owned businesses plus special information sources to assist in all aspects of business management.

San Diego, CA Limited to San Diego County. Cultural and health-related programs. Largely in form of partial seed money and matching or challenging grants. One Biscayne Tower, Suite Grants given in areas of company operation Knight-Ridder Newspapers. For the following fields of interest: One North Capitol, Suite Investment Incentive Program grants of lends money to eligible cities, towns, and counties which then lend the money to expanding or relocating businesses.

Urban Development Action Grant Program awards funds to communities which then lend it to eligible businesses. Funding for education and research relating to the hotel industry in upstate NY. Funding for the environment, conservation, art, education, culture. Limited to Arkansas and projects that benefit Arkansas.

Program-related investments and funding for programs designed to encourage local economic development and education. Support for community projects, civic concerns, housing, environment, health, education, cultural programs, drug abuse, AIDS and the homeless.

Grants for continuing support, seed money, emergency funds, consulting services, technical assistance, conferences, special projects, general purposes and scholarships. All levels of education, elderly, disabled, social welfare, health organization, public television, performing arts, YMCA, renovation grants. Building grants for the following fields of interest: Child welfare, health organization, social welfare, physical and mentally disabled, hospital, college and universities, community development, youth organizations.

Vinovich , vice Chairman. Forum Building, Room The Wilder Foundation PR. Cultural and Educational support funding. Supports general purposes, building funds, endowment funds, research, scholarship funds and matching funds.

Payments for the control of erosion and sedimentation to those in voluntary compliance with federal and state requirements to solve point and nonpoint source pollution, to improve water quality, and to assure a continued supply of necessary food and fiber. The following is a selected bibliography of publications relevant to the Business Grant Seeker. The State Executive Directory. The Book of States.

A State by State Guide. Tim Darth, Desktop and Research Assistance. The Guide to U. Foundation, Their Trustee, Offices and Directors. Contains over 40, entries 35, Private Foundations, 2. Shaking the Money Tree: Shawn Brenna, Detroit Gale Research Grant Proposals that Succeeded, by Virginia White.

Plenum Press, Spring St. A step-by-step guide to preparing grant proposals. Includes samples of research, training, art and humanities proposals. Bauer, from MacMilan Publishing Co. A step-by-step system helps grantseekers develop proposal ideas; determine priorities and needs; and research funding opportunities. The manual includes checklists, worksheets, a list of resources and planning tools.

Winning Science Equipment Grants: A collection of federal and private-sector proposals for projects that won funding for science and technology related programs.

Annual guide to all federal funding programs. Educational grants to students in the public school system within the territorial jurisdiction of Stockton, CA Scottish Rite Bodies. Completion of formal application required, including three references and transcript. Grants to graduates of Idaho high schools to attend Idaho institutions. Completion of formal applicationrequired , including GPA transcript, financial statement, recommendation from high school offcial. Contact foundation for further guidelines.

New Jersey Institute of Technology. PO Box , Tech Station. Grants for students in good academic standing financial need. Jan Albritt , Financial Officer. Write for further guidelines. Completion of formal application required, including a letter outlining financial need and future plans. David Hock, Trust Officer. Grants to financially needy residents of ND.

Initial approach by letter or telephone. Completion of formal application required, including current grade level, GPA and financial information. Completion of formal application required, including photographs. Grants to residents of MS in financial need. Scholarships to residents of OK. Applications by letter accepted throughout the year.

Mike Bartel , VP. Scholarships to residents of Covington County, AL who are pursuing a degree in health-related field, such as nursing, medicine, and medical or laboratory technology. Completion of formal application required.

Scholarships for higher education to needy residents of the greater Nashua, NH area. Initial approach by letter, including high school or college transcript of grades and a statement of need. Scholarships to African-American students from Washington, PA to attend colleges and technical schools.

Contact foundation for current application. Presho , SD Scholarships to students who are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and attend an accredited ELCA seminary in preparation for the parish ministry.

Scholarships to high school graduates residing in Chester, VT. Contact foundation for current application guidelines. Grants to residents of WV who plan to become teachers in WV. Priority is shown to Raleigh County residents. Application by letter including resume. John Barry, Trust Div. Scholarships to worthy and financially needy Native Alaskan students residing in the Arctic ad descendants of persons residing in the Artic for post-secondary education.

Applications accepted throughout the year. Initial approach by letter requesting application. Scholarships to students residing in Iowa Valley Community School District for higher education, including college, trade, and technical education with the state of IA.

Undergraduate scholarships to UT residents, with preference given to nursing students. Occasional loans awarded for medical education. Students from western WA have priority. Contact foundation or further guidelines. Jamie Bohnett , Adm. Scholarships to individuals who have been residents of Troup County, GA for at least two years. Initial approach by letter.

Compleation of formal application required. Interviews required at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee. Scholarships to residents of MD for higher education. Scholarships to residents of the Chippewa Falls, WI area for study at technical schools, colleges and universities. Contact foundation for guidelines. Scholarship to financially needy female students accepted to or attending, accredited medical schools in the U.

Completion of formal application required, including transcript, reference letter and verified financial information. Interviews granted upon request. Grants for undergraduate scholarships primarily to AZ residents who are U. Citizens may also apply. Katherin Lee Chase, President. Grants for children of war veterans who were legal residents of SC at the time of their entry into the U. For undergraduate study at state-supported SC institutions. Gresham, Field Officer Super. Application accepted throughout the year.

Education grants for Cody, WY residents in financial need. Scholarships for students who are AR residents. Call or write foundation for more information. Martha Ann Jones, President.

Scholarships to graduate students of dairy and animal science at upper Midwest institutions. Scholarships to CO high school seniors. Contact foundation for current application deadline.

Initial approach by letter or telephone requesting application. Scholarships to public high school seniors from HI only. For the study of education. Application by letter including any supporting materials.

Scholarships to residents of MT attending accredited medical schools. Completion of formal application required, including undergraduate transcript, three reference letters, federal income tax forms, and letter of acceptance.

Fay Logan, Trust Officer. Grants to residents of Ross County, OH. Completion of formal application required, including copy of most recent tax return and copy of cumulative GPA or transcript. Marie Rosebrook , Admin.

One Hospital Trust Plaza. Scholarships to RI residents. Scholarships for residents of Brevard County, FL for nursing and medical education. Initial approach in person or by letter.

Interviews for first-time applicants required. Contact Foundation for further guidelines. Scholarships to residents of Garfield County, NE and the surrounding areas. Completion of formal application, including academic transcripts, college application letter, and two letters of recommendation. Scholarships to residents of OR.

Scholarships to residents of Bourbon County, KY for medical education. Applications by letter accepted. Scholarships and financial aid awards to residents of the state of NM. Recipients may be graduating high school seniors or continuing education adults. Each program requires a separate application. Scholarships to high school seniors and college undergraduates in Cheshire, CT and surrounding towns.

Scholarships are only available for undergraduate study and are renewable. Frank Santangelo , Trustee. Grants for Nevada administers financial aid programs through Nevada colleges. Scholarships to financially needy DE residents, who were born in DE and are studying chemistry, engineering, law, medicine, or dentistry. Completion of formal application required, including transcript, SAT scores.

Write foundation for guidelines. Scholarships to residents of Puerto Rico. Grants for male graduates of Pratt county Community College, KS to further their education at a university approved by the trustees. Van Blaricum , Bill Hampton, Jr. Contact foundation for further information. Grants for students attending college in the Magic Valley area, ID; financial need. Janice Stover, Assistant, Trust Officer. Grants for residents of ME in financial need.

Scholarships to students from Gloucester High School, MA who have been accepted at an accredited institution of higher education. Contact school for current application. One Lakeshore Drive, Suite Scholarships to children of New York City police officers, either active, retired, or killed in the line of duty. Applications accepted through the year. Contact fund for current application guidelines. Scholarships to residents of Shelby County, IN. Capitol Building, Tenth Floor.

Scholarships for higher education to residents of NC. Contact foundation for current application deadline and procedures. District of Columbia Office of Postsecondary Education. Grants for DC residents in financial need. Sheila Kornegay , Acting Program Manager.

Grants for residents of MS in financial need. Grants for residents of Comanche County, OK, in college and graduate school. Jay Dee Fountain, Executive Secretary. Grants for graduates of high school in Calhoun County, AL. Referral by high required. Undergraduate scholarships primarily to residents of NH. Grants for scholarships are based on financial need, academic performance, and recommendations.

Bruce Hall, Second Floor. Grants for adult students with financial need. Betsy Porter, Director of Financial Aid. Champlain Mill, PO Box Grants for residents of VT for minimum 1 year; high school graduate or equivalent to attend approved post-secondary VT institution; financial need; U.

Grants for residents of TN, and attending college. No funds available for technical or vocational students or for students planning to enter fields of medicine, law or the ministry. Grants for High School Graduates from schools in the southeastern U.

Scholarships to residents of Manchester NH, entering college as first-year students only. Completion of formal application required, including financial aid forms and high school transcript. Grant for residents of western PA; only after 1 year of self-maintenance study. Rebecca Wallace Sapiente , Director. Grants for graduating high school seniors; dependent or member of a union affiliated with the Vermont AFL-CIO planning to attend an accredited educational institution.

Grants for residents of Chattanooga area who will be working in nursing or social work. Academic achievement and financial need are required. Grants for needy graduates of local Juneau, AK, high schools.

Taylor, Manager, N. Scholarships to financially needy residents of IA studying in agriculture and biology-related fields, who attend colleges and universities previously selected by the trustee. Contact trust for current application. Initial contact by letter or telephone.

Scholarships to financially needy medical and nursing students attending accreited schools. Maryland Distinguished Scholar Award. Grants for graduates of, or seniors at, a MD high school and legal resident of MD, who are in financial need. Formerly Greater Battle Creek Foundation. Scholarships to residents of the greater Battle Creek, MI area.

Initial approach through high school counselors. Grants for scholarships, book awards, and medals to university and high school students in the Tucson, AZ area who are enrolled in French classes. Contact your French teacher for application. Grants for York, SC undergraduate students who maintain a minimum 2. Scholarships primarily to students planning to attend educational institutions in TX.

Grants for residents of VA who are single parents. Lynn Ball, Executive Director. Rose Marie Madia , Office Mgr. Grants for residents of AR pursuing private higher education. Scholarships to high school graduates who reside in MO. Scholarships to residents of HI. Distance learning options at Minot State University are an integral part of its academic programming.

Minot State Online offers nine undergraduate and three graduate degrees entirely online. Courses are delivered asynchronously using the Blackboard LMS.

BS degrees are offered in management, management information systems, marketing, and international business. The fully online credit bachelor of applied science in applied business information technology is open to students holding an associate of applied science degree hoping to develop the technical competence, communication, and professional skills that lead to managerial positions.

For 30 years, Minot State has been a leader in preparing professionals in the field of human services; this online program continues that tradition by helping students nationwide develop the skills necessary to deliver services to individuals with developmental challenges.

Graduate degree programs at Minot State include an MS in special education with several areas of emphasis, such as specific learning disabilities and early childhood special education.

Ensuring student success at Minot State is achieved through comprehensive support services like online tutoring, a student success center that assists career exploration and employment options, and access to the bookstore and textbook rentals that save money.

Based in the town of Natchitoches, this public four-year university was established in and was the first Louisiana school to feature a degree program in nursing. Students who enroll in the eNSU Global Campus pay the same tuition rates regardless of their state of residence, and the university has also been recognized as a top online academic destination for veteran students. These options include a B.

A hybrid RN to BSN pathway offered for registered nurses features online coursework supplemented with onsite clinical training, and a similar transitional program is available for radiologic technologists seeking a B. Additional healthcare-related options include online degrees in allied health and addiction studies. Students pursuing a liberal arts education may choose from degrees in fields like criminal justice, history, psychology and social work.

Opportunities for online grad students at eNSU are even more extensive -- 20 degree programs in all. Fourteen of these options are concentrated in education studies. The University of Southern Mississippi is a haven for the arts, rigorous academics, and an athletic department that, combined, enroll approximately 15, students in programs. Courses are delivered in classrooms with a to-1 student-to-faculty ratio. Online baccalaureate degree programs are offered in applied technology, business administration, construction engineering technology, and library information science.

The BS in industrial engineering technology is offered in both hybrid and fully online formats, with an emphasis in logistics focused on supply chain management. Southern Mississippi also offers two teacher preparation programs fully online: The business administration program MBA offers a concentration in sport security events management, combining a business core foundation with hands-on security experience.

The executive master of public health in health policy and administration helps experienced healthcare professionals learn to apply best practices and business principles in the delivery of healthcare services. Several graduate certificate programs are offered online such as business foundations, archives and special collections, TESOL, and sports security management.

Named for its founder, this Philadelphia-based private research university first opened its doors to students in Long touted as a national leader in technology-oriented education and named among the top 20 most innovative national universities in a ranking by U. Drexel Online features two web-based options for undergraduate nursing students: The latter program supplements onsite clinical courses with an innovative Health Assessment Simulation Lab, which allows students to interact with virtual patients and diagnose different medical conditions.

With an emphasis on public affairs, Missouri State University-Springfield trains students to become culturally competent and community-engaged, ethical leaders. While the school has a four-year campus in Springfield, two-year campus in West Plains, and a campus in China, it is also among the top accredited online colleges in the country, boasting baccalaureate degrees in fields like communication studies, criminology and criminal justice, health services, and psychology. The BS in information technology service management prepares students for the workforce in careers like database administration, systems development, and tech support.

The BS in health services is a clinical service option that allows allied health professionals with an associate degree to transfer credits toward the program. Graduate degree programs are offered fully online in fields like history, communications, business administration MBA , early childhood and family development, education, and professional studies. Note that some degree programs, particularly in the sciences, have prerequisite courses that may not be available online.

Support services for online learners include tutoring, access to the library and writing center, and career services. The school facilitates the seamless transfer of credits from regionally accredited colleges and awards credits for military service and exams such as CLEP, International Baccalaureate, and Advanced Placement.

Located in the heart of Omaha, the University of Nebraska at Omaha provides an accessible education to approximately 15, students taught in classrooms with a to-1 student-to-faculty ratio. Baccalaureate degrees can be earned in library science, criminology and criminal justice, sociology, and management information systems, among others.

For example, the credit bachelor of multidisciplinary studies BMS is a flexible degree that enrolls nontraditional students, transfer students, and military students. The program offers dozens of concentrations around which students develop a course of study that corresponds to their career or graduate school aspirations.

Areas of study include aviation, civic leadership, computer science, emergency management, engineering physics, and cybersecurity. Up to 64 credits can be transferred into the program from regionally accredited two-year institutions; students may also earn credits for military experience and education. One of the best online schools in the nation, the University of Nebraska at Omaha offers several graduate degree programs in criminology and criminal justice, critical and creative writing, political science, public administration, special education, and writing.

The credit MA in social gerontology gives students in-depth knowledge of the aging process and the needs of the elderly. Online undergraduate and graduate certificate programs can also be earned in fields such as gerontology, information assurance, systems development, and American government.

The school has a long history of serving military-affiliated students with support services like the writing center and the math-science learning center. A college of The Lutheran Church— Missouri Synod, Concordia University-Saint Paul provides students with an educational experience steeped in career preparation and challenging academics. Respiratory therapists can work full-time and still complete the credit, accelerated BS in pulmonary science. The credit BA in organizational management and leadership immerses students in study of group behavior, and how it impacts organizational effectiveness.

The credit MBA program offers a general track and a healthcare management concentration that studies trends in healthcare and business principles. A designated faculty member supports MBA students throughout the program.

One feature that makes Concordia one of the top online schools in the nation is the identical tuition rates for online learners regardless of in-state or out-of-state residency. Likewise, active duty service members are eligible for discounted tuition rates, and all students can expect no change in tuition throughout their time school. The second largest school in the UMass system behind Amherst , this institution first opened its doors in and currently hosts more than 18, enrolled students.

Students seeking a web-based degree in liberal arts can choose from nine concentrations: Program length for this pathway varies by concentration. Additionally, 11 undergraduate certificates are available online; eight of these options are concentrated in IT and digital design. Other opportunities for online grad students include degrees in engineering management and criminal justice. Thirteen online graduate certificates are offered, including four new programs in network security, new venture creation, systems models and management, and victim studies.

Established in , this Vermont institution maintains an annual enrollment of roughly 2, full-time students. Some of these programs are highly specialized, and concentrated in cutting-edge fields of study.

Degrees in cybersecurity and computer forensics focus on strategies for investigating and preventing digital crimes, while a degree in economic crime investigation covers fraud, identity theft and other crimes that result in financial losses.

A total of 11 online graduate certificates are also available, including nine related to business studies. Located in the town of Longview, Texas, this interdenominational Christian institution was primarily founded in to provide education and specialized for returning WWII veterans.

The online Master of Education program includes four possible specializations: Established in , Indiana University-Bloomington is a world-class hub of innovation, creativity, and research. Indiana University-Bloomington has a catalog of degree completion baccalaureate programs for students with transferable credits. Fields of study include math, nursing, criminal justice, communication studies, psychology, and English technical and professional writing. The credit BS in business administration gives students a broad business foundation.

Students take courses in areas such as accounting, commercial law, human resources, and international business and have the option of a finance concentration. The school offers a full complement of graduate programs online. Notable programs include the credit MS in stewardship, a unique degree only available at Indiana University-Bloomington. The program prepares professionals versed in product design, manufacture, sale, and disposal to reduce environmental impact while ensuring profitability.

Today, the World Campus features more than degree and certificate programs, and serves students from all 50 states and more than 60 countries worldwide. Online degrees in four different fields are available as either a B.

In addition to degree fields of study, a total of 18 online minors are available. These include nine minors in business-related fields and six in liberal arts subjects. Seventeen online undergraduate certificates are also offered, including three nursing options. California Baptist University enrolls more than 9, students who are privy to an educational experience that integrates academics and Christian development.

The school designed its virtual college with the needs of nontraditional learners in mind. Online degrees are delivered asynchronously via Blackboard to students around the country. Baccalaureate degrees are offered in fields such as accounting, Christian ministries, criminal justice, human services, public administration, sociology, and organizational leadership.

The degree completion credit BA in business administration provides a business foundation in one of two concentrations: Students seeking an education degree can choose the credit BA in early childhood studies with a focus on childhood social and emotional growth and development. California Baptist, one of the best online schools in the nation, offers a credit online MBA program with emphasis areas in accounting and management.

Educators may enroll in the to credit MS in education with specializations in early childhood studies, educational leadership, and teaching.

The school offers an interactive online learning community that is supportive and affordable. California Baptist allows students to transfer credits into a baccalaureate degree, including a maximum of 30 credits allowed for examinations like CLEP and IB.

Students may use Transferology , a nationwide network, to determine the transferability of credits into California Baptist University. The Southwestern Assemblies of God University was established when three Bible schools merged into one. The school now administers 70 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, including several delivered entirely online.

Students seeking to earn a baccalaureate degree from the Texas-based institution can do so in fields like Bible and theory, communication studies, history, and social studies.

The school also has several undergraduate business degrees. Students focus on management communication, project management, operations management, venture management, and organizational behavior. As one of the top online colleges in the nation, Southwestern Assemblies of God University charges one tuition for online learners regardless of in-state or out-of-state residency. With a total of four colleges and schools, California-based National University offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs delivered by world-class faculty.

At National University , approximately 70 degree programs are delivered asynchronously fully online to eLearners. Students are given access to interactive tools and a wide range of support services.

Baccalaureate degree programs can be earned in fields like digital journalism, global studies, integrated marketing communications, psychology, sports psychology, and strategic communications. Those seeking to become educators also have a number of degree programs from which to choose, including BA degrees in early childhood education, elementary education, English education Nevada secondary licensure only , and mathematics California middle and secondary school licensure.

The BA in pre-law studies provides students with the educational foundation needed for admission into law school. Two programs are offered for those seeking to enter the construction industry: BS in construction engineering technology and BS in construction management. The MA in performance psychology is a unique program that delves into the theory, research, and applicability of psychological techniques across disciplines including sports, the arts, and military combat. The school also offers a number of certificate programs online such as marketing, criminal justice administration, and autism.

In keeping with the best online colleges in the nation, National offers affordable tuition and provides discounts for military personnel and their dependents. The school charges the same tuition for online learners regardless of where they live. Home to the Red Wolves athletics teams, Arkansas State University is a learning community of 14, students privy to world-class faculty, research, and student-friendly instruction.

The school offers academic programs in classrooms with a to-1 student-to-faculty ratio. Arkansas State is one of the oldest virtual colleges in the state. Courses are delivered asynchronously to both undergraduates and graduate students. The credit bachelor in applied science gives students the expertise needed to pursue leadership roles in technical fields. The program builds on technical coursework taken in an associate of applied science curriculum and offers concentrations in renewable energy technology and technology.

Those seeking to attend graduate school have an even larger catalog of degree programs from which to choose. Fields included are business administration MBA , the MSE in early childhood education or reading, media management, public administration, and sports administration. The credit MS in college student personnel services prepares professionals hoping to enter residential life, career service, or admissions positions in higher education.

One of the top online colleges in the nation, Arkansas State ensures that its faculty members are trained in the online mode of delivery. Online learners have access to a diverse network of peers and support services, including tutoring and a help-desk.

Note that online degrees are only available in some states, so students should check availability. An innovator in education and research, the University of Arizona continues to make advances in fields like bioscience, art and humanities, business, and medicine.

The institution offers approximately undergraduate and graduate degree programs, 80 of which can be taken online. The program provides students with a historical, political, social, and cultural understanding of national and international intelligence agencies. Nurses can elect to take the program full-time or part-time. Hands-on experience is one of the hallmarks of learning at the University of Arizona. All students have the opportunity to participate in fieldwork internships and student leadership.

The school is transfer-friendly, and the Transfer Credit Guide -- while not a complete list of all transferable courses -- gives students an idea of which courses transfer to the University of Arizona. The school charges the same tuition for online learners regardless of in-state or out-of-state residency.

The faculty at Northern Arizona University provides students with personalized mentorship in order to help them reach their potential. While most courses are delivered asynchronously, students also have the option to select class delivered synchronously. Students seeking to earn a degree at their own pace can do so with a catalog of personalized learning programs. Busy professionals in any of the five programs -- management, RN to BSN, computer information technology, liberal arts, and small business administration -- study courses broken down into modules in which their real-world knowledge can be applied to learning.

The programs are competency-based with no set classes or schedules. The school is transfer-friendly, and students can transfer between 64 and 90 credits into baccalaureate programs. Founded more than 50 years ago with the goal of serving the needs of career-motivated working adults, Bellevue University is widely recognized for its expertise in online learning and commitment to prepare students with essential workplace knowledge and skills. For example, the university has been named as a "Top 10 University for Adult Learners" by Washington Monthly each year since the ranking was started.

The mission of Bellevue University is to enable students to compete in a connected world, with an emphasis on making it possible for busy, working adult learners to earn a degree.

Bellevue University considers many forms of previously earned college credit for transfer into its degree programs, including associate degrees, previous college classes, military and corporate training, and for-credit exams like CLEP and DSST.

This helps accelerate completion, while keeping it affordable. Concentrations available for these degree include cybersecurity, clinical counseling, industrial and organizational psychology, intelligence and security studies, business analytics, finance, and computer information systems.

Bellevue University is a non-profit, private university, accredited by the Higher Learning Commission through the U. More information is available at Bellevue. Since , Washington State University has attracted problem-solvers. Students can transfer at least 60 credits into the program and study upper-level coursework in hospitality systems, operational analysis, foodservice systems and control, and human resource management. The state of Washington has a rich history of agricultural education including the credit MS in agriculture in food science management, with coursework dedicated to statistics, toxicology, organizational management, and microbiology.

The credit MS in agriculture in plant health management includes coursework in entomology, plant pathology, crop and soil science, and economics. The school partners with a number of two-year schools in western states, helping students transfer their associate degree credits. Since its establishment 80 years ago, Eastern New Mexico University has served students in New Mexico and beyond with academic programs emphasizing the liberal arts.

Students have the option to be part of a global learning community enrolled in one of 30 online programs offered fully online or in hybrid format. Note that some programs are delivered synchronously. Eastern New Mexico University also offers several bachelor of applied arts and science BAAS degrees in areas like aviation science, culinary arts, fire and emergency services administration, and electronic engineering technology.

Other graduate degree areas of study include business administration, nursing, and communication. Online resources for students include the library, online writing center OWL , counselling services, and library services. The Transfer Evaluation System has made transferring into its baccalaureate programs easy by providing students with information about which classes transfer. Online students attending Eastern New Mexico enjoy the second-lowest tuition rate in the state and one of the most affordable in the country.

Online colleges allow students to take courses through an online learning management system. Online courses provide flexibility for nontraditional students who have obligations outside school, such as raising a family or working full time.

There are thousands of online schools in the U. Some schools only teach online and do not have physical campuses. Online college tuition varies depending on a variety of factors, including residency status.

Check with your school to get accurate tuition estimates. The difficulty of online college programs is comparable to that of traditional, on-campus programs. You can check for student reviews for an accurate description, which the school may offer.

Online degrees from regionally accredited colleges are respected. Employers understand the value of distance learning for those who need to balance the demands of work and family while finishing a degree program. This initiative and drive should be commended. Accredited online college programs are subject to the same financial aid and student loan guidelines as on-campus programs. You can learn more about your financial aid options here or in our guide, Scholarships and Financial Aid for Online College Students.

Hundreds of degrees and certificate programs are available online from accredited colleges and universities across the country. We also have information about how to choose an online degree program. Accreditation verifies the legitimacy and quality of colleges, universities, and their degree programs.

Both maintain lists of recognized regional, national, and programmatic accrediting agencies. Accreditation matters because it sets quality standards meant to ensure that your degree holds value. Employers and graduate schools know that if you hold a degree from an accredited online school, then you graduated from a program that meets the rigorous requirements for accreditation. In contrast, an unaccredited degree can cost you more than job offers.

Always verify that an online college is accredited. Colleges are accredited by either national or regional agencies. Regionally accredited colleges are typically nonprofit and state-operated. Most nationally accredited colleges are for-profit and often have to meet lower academic standards than their regional counterparts.

Students should also be wary of accreditation mills that offer genuine-looking but ultimately phony endorsements to schools. Some states also have their own accrediting bodies independent of the regional agencies.

You can learn more about each individual agency, and its jurisdiction, through the Office of Postsecondary Education. In some cases, individual programs may also be accredited by an independent board. One example is the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, which evaluates academic programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and technology. Some state-level professional certifications require that students graduate from a program with programmatic accreditation.

After confirming accreditation, it can still be difficult to weigh the value and quality of one online college over another. These standards also extend to the full-time faculty and adjunct professors that schools hire. Any online school that fails to meet program and faculty quality requirements risks losing accreditation. Due to the rapid evolution of online coursework, online programs are quickly becoming some of the most high-quality degree options available.

To date, well over 2, colleges offer accredited online programs. In the world of online education, there is no overall best online college or online degree program. But there is a best option for you — you just have to know what questions to ask. Ask yourself these five questions to begin the search for the best online colleges and universities for you:. The rapid growth in online colleges and universities means that you have more choices than ever before — and therefore you have to think even more carefully about which online school is right for you.

If you know exactly what you want out of a particular degree, then you can make educated choices about which schools and programs will give you an acceptable return on investment. A college degree is the best way to increase your earning potential — but different careers require different degrees. Think specifically about the types of job titles you hope to be eligible for after you graduate and the types of employers you want to work for.

Research the kinds of skills and degrees people at those jobs have, and use that research to narrow down the degree programs you are considering. There are a few considerations to make before choosing a degree level to pursue.

One, what level of education have you achieved already? Two, what are your career goals? The following list can help you better understand these options:. Full-time students can typically earn an associate degree in two years. An online associate degree is ideal for those who have a high school diploma and who want to quickly gain practical career skills.

An online associate degree program is also a cost-effective way to complete general education requirements before transferring to a four-year program. Most entry-level positions at professional organizations require at least a four-year degree. Business , healthcare , tech and other sectors prefer to hire candidates who are well-rounded and have good critical thinking and communication skills.

Many schools offer accelerated online programs, allowing you to complete your graduate degree in just 12 months. Example careers include licensed counselors , social workers , and certified public health employees.

Once you know what degree level you want to pursue, think carefully about what majors will have the biggest impact on your current career or future job prospects.

Different majors teach different skills and have different points of emphasis. Multiple studies have shown that what you study has a bigger impact on future earning potential than where you go to school. Examine the different majors offered by a variety of top online colleges that relate to the field of study you are interested in.

Research what specific courses are required in each major. Also consider what specific hard and soft skills will be most valuable to the work you want to be doing. You can explore our collection of academic program rankings to learn more about other fields of study and potential career paths. Different online degree programs offer different amounts of flexibility.

Each offers a different level of flexibility and different types of instruction. Students are expected to attend classes, view lectures, participate in group chats and conversations and complete assignments at the same time according to a pre-set schedule or syllabus.

Students are given regular deadlines for completing assignments, reading, viewing or listening to lectures and participating in group discussions often using an online message board , but can complete these tasks at any time before the due date.

A type of asynchronous class, Open Schedule courses allow students to begin courses at any time, independent of traditional quarter or semester systems. Students complete assignments at set points during the class based on their start date. Discussion and interaction with other students is usually minimal. Students access all academic materials from a computer no in-person meetings are required , but must log in to virtually attend and participate in class at specific times.

The majority of course materials and instruction are provided online and can be done remotely, but students are required to meet in person one or more times during the course. For many people, earning an associate degree can provide you with the training you need in just two years for jobs that are rewarding and high-paying. If you have a full-time job or have other commitments that make it difficult to attend a traditional on-campus, 2-year college, there are more online associate degree programs than ever before for you to choose from.

Use the tips below to find the best online schools offering associate degrees in the subjects you are researching. Professionals with an associate degree enjoy higher average salaries and lower unemployment rates than those who only have a high school diploma.

By choosing an associate degree from an online community college, you can earn the degree you need to increase your salary without giving up your full-time job. As with other degree levels, different subjects and majors can have different impacts on your post-graduate earning potential. In general, associate degrees in healthcare, technology, and engineering have the highest return on investment and lead to the highest-paying jobs. Online associate degrees are particularly useful for those pursuing a career in a specific trade or one that requires a narrow and specialized set of skills, such as paralegal , nursing assistant or information technology IT professional.

Many two-year schools offer degrees specifically for these industries that prepare graduates to pursue entry-level jobs.

These schools, often known as trade schools, technical schools, or career colleges, tend to center around industries like healthcare, IT, and specific trades such as computer drafting.

As online education becomes more common, more online trade schools and online career colleges have emerged. Our rankings can help you find the best online technical education options.

Start your research by visiting our ranking of the best online community colleges to ensure that you find an associate program that offered transferable credits. Therefore, it is in your best interest to be careful when choosing which programs to apply to. There are many reasons why it is important to know which subjects you want to study before you pick a school.

There is also evidence that what you study in college has a much bigger effect on post-graduate income than which college you attend. If you are uncertain what you want to major in, do some research and consider what you want to do after you earn your degree.

Find out what other people in that position or industry studied and what kinds of degrees they have. In short, talk to people who have the kinds of jobs you want. However, if you already know what you want to study, then you may wish to browse our collection of online program rankings or read up on some of the more popular programs for undergraduates. According to the National Center for Education Statistics , almost one quarter of graduate students were enrolled in exclusively online courses in , and the number of online courses offered has grown since then.

For some fields, like social work or psychology , a graduate degree is required for even entry-level jobs. Graduate school may not be the best choice for all career paths. Once you know what you want from your education, spend time networking with people in your desired field and doing online research to find out what kind other professionals in your situation chose to do.

You could look at the kinds of companies you want to work for and see where their employees went to school. One big benefit of going to graduate school, even through an online program, is the relationships you develop with other students and instructors. These relationships will results in a strong professional network, which can help you out in a variety of ways for years to come.

You can either browse our broader collection of rankings or go directly to one of our most popular program pages below. Individual earnings vary greatly from person to person based on what level of degree you earn, what you study, and what kind of career you choose to pursue. The cost of a college degree can vary wildly as well. One of the main reasons that you might be considering an online college is because it frees you up from having to visit a campus, meaning you could attend college anywhere, regardless of where you live or work.

Many students enroll at public colleges in their own state to qualify for lower in-state tuition rates. This can mean savings of thousands of dollars a year, which means you pay less out-of-pocket and take out fewer loans. There are three main types of online schools, and each offers different advantages when it comes to cost:. At a community college , you can pursue your associate degree online, either to qualify for introductory positions in your chosen field or as preparation for a four-year program down the line.

Tuition at two-year schools is lower than at most colleges, and for students just starting college, it might make sense for you to begin here. If you want to attend school and prepare for a specific career, you can develop industry-specific skills in a career college. These are the traditional four-year state schools. As a general matter, public colleges are usually cheaper than private schools.

Some online schools offer reduced tuition rates to in-state students, while others are able to offer in-state tuition to students throughout the country. Many, though not all, of the private schools offering online programs are religious schools. Some of these schools incorporate scripture into their online program, though others do not, and have no religious requirements for distance learners. Private non-profit schools are often more expensive than other four-year options, so be sure to do your research and find a school that fits with your budget.

There are a number of reputable private for-profit colleges as well. When researching for-profit schools, it is vital that you research their accreditation and reputation, as there are a number of diploma mills in this category.

Earning an online college degree requires a substantial investment. While some students choose to pay for college out-of-pocket using savings or loans from their parents, many must seek financial aid to offset the costs of tuition, housing, food, and other necessary expenses. Many online schools also allow students to pay for tuition and housing in monthly installments, rather than paying one lump sum for each semester or quarter term.

These deferred payment plans carry little to no interest, but the balance must be paid off by the end of each term. Financial aid opportunities are available through various sources, including the federal government, nonprofit organizations, and private companies, as well as the online college or university the student attends. According to a report from the Society of Human Resource Management , more than half of private organizations offer tuition reimbursement plans to employees who wish to earn a postsecondary degree or certificate.

These plans are mutually beneficial. Employees who receive assistance can offset some of the out-of-pocket costs for their education, and employers strengthen their workforce with workers who have advanced training in their field. Additionally, the employee may be required to work for the organization for a certain length of time after they have received their degree or certificate.

A big reason for the growth in online education is demand. Online college programs make college more accessible to a much larger population than traditional on-campus learning.

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