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Constitution of the United States Questions and Answers

The US Constitution: Articles, Amendments, and the Bill of Rights

❶I will admit, that I am not Only Congress can declare war against that country, but Congress has finished up its business for the year and adjourned.

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In all, there are seven articles of the US Constitution. The first three establish the foundation of our national government. It divides the government into three "branches" — legislative a bicameral congress , executive led by a president and judicial a system of courts led by the Supreme Court.

The other four articles provide details about the states, the process of amending the Constitution, the legal status of the Constitution, and ratification. The Constitution is known as a "living document.

Those provisions include various methods by which the Constitution and its laws can be modified as the need arises. To date, there have been 27 amendments, or changes, to the US Constitution. The articles below provide a general summary of the 27 amendments, as well as a detailed look at two specific amendments — the 13th and the 19th.

The 13th Amendment was adopted in and abolished slavery. Each contributed to the realization of the statement that "all men are created equal," which is found in the Declaration of Independence. Together, the first 10 amendments to the Constitution are referred to as the Bill of Rights.

They were part of a compromise to the Constitution as it was originally written, and they were ratified simultaneously by Adopting the Constitution was no easy task. It was heavily debated, by both those drafting it and the states charged with ratifying it. As a result, the Bill of Rights carries amendments that serve to protect individual rights against government intrusion. Here are a few ideas for teaching the US Constitution for kids in the classroom.

Included is a lesson plan which may be used in the elementary classroom, a lesson plan on the three branches of government in the United States, and even an Internet WebQuest that students can complete on their own or in small cooperative groups. No Child Left Behind Act c. Troubled Asset Recovery Program e. Violence Against Women Act Which type of federalism is being practiced when a state is forced to operate a program without funding from the U. Funds provided by Congress to the states for education generally.

Funds provided by Congress to the states for substance abuse prevention. Funds provided by Congress to the states to enhance science instruction in a low-income area. Funds provided by Congress to the states to promote the physical health of citizens.

Which part of the Constitution contains limitations on state powers? Article I, Section 2 b. Article IV, Section 3 d. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? THIS is why Americans are so damn poliically ignorant. These questions are completely irrelevant to real life. And you can tell your dumbass ignorant teacher I said so. They are two different things.

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Constitution Questions and Answers. Home > Homework Help. The Constitution sets out various powers that are given to the national government and others that are reserved for the states. In.

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Improved homework resources designed to support a variety of curriculum subjects and standards. A new, third level of content, designed specially to meet the advanced needs of the sophisticated scholar. A constitution is a set of rules that guides how a country, state, or other political organization works. The constitution may tell what the branches of the government are, what powers they have, and how they work.

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Here we offer a breakdown of the US Constitution for the younger kids. There is information here to help them learn about this living, breathing document, including its history and why it was formed. Homework Help from Bill of Rights Institute is a helpful resource for students, teachers, and parents described as "eye-catching and fresh.".