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❶Additionally, we have hard copy mailing options, utilizing the United States Postal Service for delivery. A properly formatted ASCII e-resume allows you to cut and paste your resume into the body of an email, send it over any email system in the world, and be sure that your resume will look the same no matter where it is sent.

Private Sector Resumes for Military Veterans

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Federal Government Resumes for Military Veterans
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I was interviewed on 28 Sep and offered the job on 30 Sep which was my retirement day! Thank you so much for your help and the awesome resume. The hiring manager had to write some sort of justification letter and submit it to the HR Director. They also awarded some creditable vacation time for my military service. So my starting salary will be very close to my existing salary. Plus, the hiring manager was optimistic my pay would increase quickly once in.

I am a living example that your company has assisted me with landing a very good position here at DoD. Also that I am the first person who left Japan, in a short amount of time, that was hired for this very sought after Federal job. I just got selected for an HR internship with the Department of Energy. During the interview, they stated that my resume stood out because of the impact statements included on the resume. It was money well spent.

I could not have achieved this without your outstanding support and guidance. I have applied and met cert for over 10 jobs so far. This was the first job that I interviewed for, and it looks like things went in my favor.

This position is not too far from you; I may have to pay you a visit there in Illinois to thank you personally. Solutions for the Workplace. Federal Government Resumes for Military Veterans If you would like to pursue federal employment, you must understand the process. Here is how we can help: We translate your military experience into language civilian HR people understand. We help you be strategic about the positions for which you apply—and how you apply—to maximize your opportunities for success.

We can help your resume stand out. Most federal postings receive or more applications; many of those are from military veterans just like you. Interview coaching is on an hourly basis and is typically contracted for following the delivery of your resume project.

His goal is a senior-level position in corporate human resources and organizational development. When David develops his resume, he basically has two options and the decision that he makes will influence his entire job search.

Focus his resume on who he was. If he does this, his summary might read something like this:. Focus his resume on who he wants to be. The obvious answer is that Option 2 is, by far, the best alternative to position David in the civilian workforce. In the summary, David has used the right words to create the right picture of how he wants to be perceived in the market. And, in turn, these are the skills and experiences that each and every interviewer will ask David about.

The resume for the fictional Roberta C. Jackson is an excellent example of the "make your resume interviewable" strategy in action. You can direct the writer to chose specific industries and localities, or you can opt to have the writer choose for you, based on your career profile. If you are applying to a job bank or a medium to large-sized corporation or company, you must have a scannable copy of your resume. In almost all cases, the answer is yes.

This goes for scannable resumes and electronic resumes as well. A cover letter is a professional courtesy that is as important and as traditional as a handshake or a "thank-you. Follow-up letters are a similar courtesy that you send after an interview or phone conversation.

All the cover letters and follow-up letters we design can be used multiple times. We simply write a personalized, professional body to the letter, based upon your unique personal information.

This way, you can use our cover letters and follow-up letters every time you send out a resume. All of our finished documents are emailed to you by the deadline as a file attachment to an email. The file attachment is in the form of a MSWord. If you do not use MSWord or cannot view such a file, arrangements can be made to send the file in a different format. Additionally, we have hard copy mailing options, utilizing the United States Postal Service for delivery. Military-to-Civilian Resume Services Our Military Transition Resume Writing Services are designed for all current or recently active military professionals looking to transition to a new career in the civilian sector.

Military-to-Civilian Resume Services Military professionals of all ranks and pay grades face a unique situation when the time comes to transition to a civilian career path. This does NOT mean you are receiving any lesser service. Military resume services are equivalent to our Professional resume services. The discount is merely a "thank you" on behalf of ResumeWriters. It is our pleasure to serve those who have served this country so bravely.

Free consultation with a professional, experienced resume writer skilled in the industry or discipline or are looking to transition to.

You will have direct, one-on-one interaction and contact with your writer throughout the entire writing process. The writer will produce a professional-quality, highly detailed page resume.

The writer will work with you until you have a final draft you are satisfied with.

Should I Add Military Experience to My Resume?

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Writing Military-to-Civilian Resumes: Make Your Resume Interviewable consider using an expert resume writing service. the best alternative to position David in the civilian workforce.

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4: Three, four, five or longer page resumes. Solution: The longest any resume should be is two pages. Remember a resume is to tell a brief career history, the emphasis on brief.

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Best 10 Resume Writers provides trusted reviews of the top resume writing services and professional resume writers today. Find out who's on the list. Military Resumes for All Branches of the Service If you are unsure how to write a military resume, CareerProPlus gives you access to a team of professional Military Resume-writing experts to help create for you a winning document that .

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Resume Writing How to Write an Effective Resume Here are 20 of the best tips I’ve found for a stand out resume in the military-to-civilian transition. Select Service My Membership. Army. MilitaryResumeWriters offers the assistance of professional resume developers who are veterans themselves. With firsthand knowledge of the challenges facing veterans transitioning from the military to civilian life, our Master Career Advisors can create the consummate military transition resume for veterans wishing to pursue a particular career.