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❶The fortress guns, while limited in where they can attack, are free kills on whatever is in that range.

Long-Term Assignments

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They say they want to influence players to PTFO and do more team-oriented stuff, but then they add this or that to the game which influences the player to do that exact opposite of those things. Why do you guys keep trying to reinvent the wheel here? There are things I like more or less on this large list, but this one should absolutely be removed. Any service assignment that is in direct opposition to PTFO and desirable class play hint: I screamed at the multikill one.

The Behemoth makes sense in a way of doing "comeback mechanics. Marvel vs Capcom 3 showed that sort of thing X-factor along with other fighting games that tried to do that mechanic.

Has any body experienced a bug with the Mosin-Nagant infantry with it disappearing visually but the sounds are still there? It pops back up after not moving for about seconds. There is a bug when you sprint and reload at same time gun and hands go out of picture and 2nd is to do with the score. It skyrockets to score sometimes, this happened when i was having a 10 to 12 man feed. Some seem crazy hard but the fact that only 5 outta 6 needed to be completed makes every single one doable.

Better change destroy 10 vehicles with HE Crossbows. It is somewhat indifferent, but I would like to comment. The medals or achievements in the PS4 CTE are somewhat bugeadas since sniper challenges are being doctored, for example. I am not seeing a need to complete these assignments in the cte, everything is still unlocked, so how can i test it? Assault is always on the frontlines and destroying vehicles thus gets 50k requirement , Support and Medic have their gadgets to rack up support XP on top of their weapons and Scouts, well, lets be honest most of them are campers and thus have the least requirement of XP to level up.

Although, I do like the idea of having challenges to unlock the specializations, I do have say that the challenges does stray away a bit from normal productive game play that would help your team win.

Getting Mine kills for example. Most of these challenges encourage NOT playing the game correctly. Other teammates will spend their time destroying my mines and laying their own.

That is not Battlefield but that is what these style challenge result in. Class specific should revolve around that class. Map specific is bad since not all players own DLC nivelle nights specifically i saw on one 25 rounds of a gametype is a TON.. Get real 25 he rifle grenade vehicle kills? Nope 25 armored cars? Too hard to come by and especially get that close to not get ran over.

Just to name off a few. It all seems like a lot for an average casual player to want to bother with or enjoy doing so. What bothers me the most is how unrealistic some of these look, such as smoke being dropped by Medic squad mates, or a dummy head being dropped by Scouts. I would have thought that it would be two so then some decisions have to be for your playstyle.

Three seems like going a long way into creating some sort of super-soldier. Perhaps the time should be halved or instead of a being time-based - it could be distance based ie 15 meters as an example. This would be a true medic specialist and would actually be quite helpful in some situations! Concealed Rescue - Perhaps a way to balance this out and not have smoke everywhere on the battlefield is that we have to "press the spot button" twice in quick succession over said squad mate in order to activate the smoke not sure if there is currently a cooldown on smoke being deployed by this perk - this ability could possibly be subject to a cooldown too.

Its good but the thing that need fixing is the new sights for the new LMG and the 81 round SMG need a sound tweak so it dosent sound like the hellregal can you put the hellregal on the cancer dog tag it would fit. I think that tying in tasks to specific weapons or pieces of class kit should be avoided. In the case of kit that is primarily because some of the kit is either not that great at the tasks suggested destroying vehicles with rifle grenades and crossbow for example or would just be frustratingly difficult and encourage game play that does not line up with good team play 25 kits on the armoured car with the limpet charge for example since this requires both lurking and a suicidal dash at a vehicle that has five machine guns on it.

An assignment should never be tied to a weapon that is into available to all players. If people want to explore as I have been doing of late, fine, but it should be their choice. My suggestion is to keep the assignments in, ditching the awful ones that have been pointed out please most of them seem like fun or grindable at least, but unlock all the specializations for everyone as standard.

Tie the completion of assignments into unlocking a legendary battlepack or different class emblem instead or something, but not the class specializations. Keep the playing field as level as possible please. Some good assignments here, but some of them are really bad and sound like a pain in the arse.

Good assignments are tactical and beneficial for the team and for the player. Make players play their class to their advantage. Give the medic a task to perform 50 revives in a round. Hard, but doable and beneficial. Give the assault a class to capture 20 flags in a round of conquest, etc. Agreed with just about all of your comments. How often to these devs manage to blow up vehicles with the Crossbow Launcher is something I would like to ask.

It is difficult enough trying to take out Vehicles with standard Anti tank weapons with their enormous field of view in the third person. However I am confident these will all be fixed as no one on this thread has expressed support for these far-fetched ideas: Why do we need specializations more complexity when areas of the game are still unbalanced?

I have no desire to chase after XP, especially when max rank is capped so low anyway. But I am getting tired of the same old rank up or do assignments to unlock things. I play the game to win and improve as a player, not to complete tasks. So why not just make everything available from the get go and only go with extra xp assignments instead?

These would honestly fit better the medals than the service assignments. Some of the requirements have a hell of a lot RNG in them or would take a lot of time, which would fit the more long-term progression of the medal system.

Meanwhile, something that can be done in a fairly short time like the current medal system would benefit the service assignments more. The same goes for dogtags, people dont really care about dogtags either. I suggest taking inspiration fron FARCRY 4, their specialisations were really fun to walk forward to and kept the player just that 1 step away from unlocking the next specialisation. As a medic, these specializations are supposed to help me revive people quicker and safer, making me a better medic in the process.

These specializations should facilitate teamwork and helping win matches through organic gameplay. If you have to pad out the grind to appease whining YouTubers or twitch streamers, why not make it a long grind involving gameplay you do every day?. For instance instead of blowing up vehicles with rifle grenades, how about getting 1, revives?

How about squad revives? I usually never down vote, but if I could down vote this at least five times, I would.

I would rather tie unlocks to class progression, damage instead of kills, and activities that relate to what is being unlocked. Imagine how much more players will revive if you did a "Perform revives" assignment. The map specific requirements need to have their totals reduced significantly since you can rarely play more than one game in a session on the same map.

The game mode specific win total challenges are also probably high. I would look at how many hours it will take to get 15 frontlines wins or 25 rounds of war pigeons. Thats a ton of time. Im compleatly against all this assignments thing in general. The spezializations should be open for everyone or unlocked by lvl or playing the specific class.

From my point of view this assignments are very bad for teamplay. Does the "Destroy 50 Telegraphs" thing involve you actually being the one that plants on that telegraph? Also, due to how many idiots with no vehicle skills that are going to try to take tanks and planes due to this challenge and die repeatedly and therefore lose their teams a lot of games.

Make the challenge "Melee Takedown 5 Prone enemies" or something. Killing enemy elites with k-bullets is extremely rare, because other methods are far more efficient. It seems like, on the whole, that the people responsible for writing these have used the 5 out of 6 challenges requirement to include 5 serious challenges and 1 lame joke.

Otherwise, the challenges all adhere to some weird theme like all requiring things to be done on a specific map that add nothing other than tedium. They have kids and are older and are able to play only a few hours a week. These specialization make players have an advantage on the battlefield that some players will never be able to have strictly due to playing time.

I feel like this will turn these players away from the game since it makes other players have an advantage and that can be an incredibly frustrating situation. Remove the debris kills, please.

It requires fairly specific circumstances that have very little to do with skill. IMO BF1 is by far the easiest one to understand for new players. We need to bring back the challenging aspect of what made the Battlefield game so addictingly fun, one of the big reason for that was the challenge..

When everyone gets a trophy, no one wins. Also, almost all of them are uninspired, getting the attention away from the objectives. Too long people complain theres no reason to repair, well now you have one! Assault and support take 50k and medic takes 45k for one rank. The following tasks are either tedious, too random, or downright annoying, the opposite of fun in all cases:. Road Kills is fun IMO but the rest, totally agree, really really tedious and will take a long time not because you need skill but because the scenarios where you find yourself able to increment these challenges are few and far between.

Especially when so many other challenges are so retardedly difficult or grandiose. Not sure that pilot shot is ever happening for me on console. The actual "rewards" for completing these are of no real interest, but I welcome having something new to aim for. Hopefully this gets read: As a casual player hours in the game but my stats suck, 0. Literally just unlocked the ribey rolles just a week or so ago, having played with the mp opitcal for almost 3 hours attempting to get 20 headshots.

I fucking hated every second of that. That being said, the ribey rolles is fantastic! Can we please limit these very helpful perks to class rank alone?

I will never get to unlock half this stuff. Please do not add these specializations. All it does is add more randomness to the game.

This is only going to make engagements with other players all the more unpredictable and frustrating. But forcing all players to use them in the name of assignments is only going to lead to frustration, both for the ones that use them and the ones that they are used upon. I can totally understand repairing, healing, reviving, resupplying, taking down tanks or planes or elites, defending or capturing objectives assignments but not this Please listen to the community and put more effort in the important aspects of the game, aka the real gameplay, reducing or removing auto aim for example, reduce strafing speed, being charged from a long distance, elites in small modes and the list goes on So far, all of the different unlocks, codexes, etc.

I should be done with both of those before the next DLC hits. Even got my Scout medal two weeks ago Same goes for all of the first DLC weapon unlocks In other words, not like medals track, where you have to do one thing at a time, and not like some of the last DLC weapons unlocked, where you had to complete the second task first, before you could complete the first task.

Everything above seems doable, even the "Staying Focused" challenges that only require 5 out of 6; just pick the 5 you are good at Looking through the list and taking into account that you need only complete 5 of the 6 challenges in the list, there is not one assignment that is difficult to complete.

Pain in the hoop. However the rest of that assignment is pretty straightforward. But again, rest of that one is doable. The reps is plenty doable on some maps. But again, the rest is easy. Rest is easy if you skip this part but the gas might take a little bit of time alright. But if one happens to be coming straight at you..

This whole thing is an absolutely worthless, pointless, artificial way to keep players engaged. The last thing we want is even more people that dont play the objective and just try to complete these assignments. Forget the specializations and service assignments and fix the damn game.

You can start by actually not introducing new bugs with every update. How about instead of making us do all of these outrageous challenges, have the class specific specializations be unlocked at specific class ranks. For example, Stimulant Syringe unlocks at Medic Rank 50 since its such a good specialization. Give players an incentive to actually level up class ranks and then reward them for leveling them up.

Question about "In a Round" and "In a life" challenges. Are they saved now on the server or not? I am okay with the tasks to acquire the specializations. The system could even be improved and imo team- and squadplay could benefit from it. I personally think most of these are not too bad, some a might require a bit of a grind but overall not bad. The ones that also require something that not all players might have Nivelle Nights map, Supply Drop game mode and Sawtooth should be changed so all players are able to complete them.

Heck, bayonet kills as a requirement for a Support perk? Christ guys, get your act together. Despite the fact that Specs are, by themselves, controversial. Now, coupling these with some of the assignments from the TSNP DLC and some of the upcoming ones makes me think that DICE is so bewilderingly disconnected from its playerbase that asking for feedback is an exercise in futility.

Why lock relevant game content behind silly challenges like that? Did it occur to you that people that play less will take an inordinate amount of time to complete some of these tasks? Things that require some dedication and conscious effort without being so wacky. Most of these seem like they will take a long time to complete. The community has been fairly specific in what they want and it seems like everything is a backwards attempt to satisfy us without actually implementing what anyone is asking for.

Please, just please take this feedback into account and reconsider this entirely. You mean a small amount of players right?

You do know most if the stuff gets unlocked by simple playing. They asked for feedback and they got it. Yes eventually it would be unlocked but with some of these ridiculous assignments, most players will ignore it and simply choose to play how they have been. Make it something that may take a couple matches to complete, not two to four weeks of dumbass grinding. It makes it frustrating and just ends with me wasting a whole match chasing tanks around.

They could do better, be real with yourself. Those gas and bayonet requirements are going to turn the game into a formidable mass of frustration, so I suggest some reductions or total alteration of those required tasks. And why are there DLC specific requirements? Like performing 50 heashots in Nivelle Nights Please have a second look at those Assignments. Since several of those basically involve grinding, are you supposed to work towards all of them at the same time?

Do you want more teamplay, or do you want less teamplay? Because you say you want more teamplay, but then you put shit like this in the game that makes achievement-seekers ignore teamplay altogether. I made an account just to express my displeasure with this.

This as it is right now is horrible. No one asked for extreme and frustrating grinds like this. The gas grenade kills should be damage 50 different players. Same with trip mine. It should be that you can do these challenges on ANY map. Gas and explosives should be discouraged in favor of temawork.

These assignment go against that. Also, damage repair in one round is next to impossible. It should be across matches. Any thought how much this shit will change gameplay?

You typical working adult may have an hour or 2 per night to play the game. Contrast that to the hardcore crowd, and you set yourself up for a lot of "haves" and "have nots". Some of these challenges could take weeks if not months to accomplish 25 scout car kills with limpets? A tip for the Devs, and challenge that requires pure luck to accomplish is shit, pure shit. This is just one example. How anyone in their right mind would consider this a "progression system" is beyond belief.

Sorry for the salt, but it actually appears that all of the brains behind BF1 have left the proverbial building. None of the level 10 guns are a direct upgrade to the normal weapons. I regularly outgun Hellriegel users woth my MP18 or Ribeyrolles. The hellriegel is garbage and is only used because there is such a big roon for error with the big magazine. Do you play on PC? The mids took a photo with a Navy or Marine Corps football jersey and hat when hearing their assignment — like athletes in the NFL Draft.

As each mid was called, his or her fellow classmates yelled their nicknames. When one of the midshipmen found out he would be commissioned as a Navy SEAL, the room erupted in cheers. The younger midshipmen in the company planned celebratory activities following the announcements: The future Marines shaved their heads, the future submarines ate at Jimmy Johns subs and the future surface warfare officers ate doughnuts and coffee — an activity those officers are known to do.

He also got his face painted camo to celebrate the occasion. Complete all the Challenges in an Assignment to earn a reward or a Specialization unlock. Some Service Assignments have a Basic and a Veteran level, with different rewards for both.

None of the Service Assignments in-game has a timer, and you can work on multiple unlocked Challenges for different Service Assignments at the same time. You can track Assignments using the option on the Assignments screen. This just makes the tracking visible on your HUD — the game automatically tracks your progress on all Challenges and Assignments whether you check the box to track it or not.

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Service Assignments will launch in two categories called “Getting Started” and “Staying Focused”. The former contains 5 Assignments featuring 5 challenges in each. They are loosely focused on the four main classes, with the fifth Assignment being a more general selection of challenges. Learn how to unlock Specializations and other rewards by completing Service Assignments in Battlefield 1.

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Download the current manuals of your STEPCRAFT products here. With the introduction of Service Assignments, we hope to create a better on-boarding experience for new players. Battlefield 1 is a very complex game with a big breadth of content and playstyles. It can sometimes be overwhelming for new players to take it all in. Hopefully the Service Assignments will act as a guiding beacon on where to start.