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Help with Romeo and Juliet Essay?

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❶How do you write in the third person about yourself?

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Restate- restate the questionyou have to answer Refer- refer to your sources According to Chapter 3 in my social studies text book, Reconnect- give examples and support for your answer For example;For instance Romeo And Juliet Essay Introduction. Romeo And Juliet Introduction. This Site Might Help You. It has to include a attention getter, so I was thinking of a quote Try picking a quote from either of the three, like from Lord Capulet "Hang thee, young baggage!

Is it just fate? Or are people at fault here? Romeo and Juliet is a very captivating and famous play. Most likely because of the depth of Shakespeare at that time, but the real beauty of it is you can interpret it in countless ways. You can solve that problem by adding your interpretation of the quote. The same suggestion goes for your third paragraph. Show your teacher you know how these words work. If you use a quote with no interpretation on your part, your teacher knows you can copy words out of a book.

If you comment on the quote and show how it relates to your thesis, you show your teacher you know what the words mean. Romeo was about 15 years old, and Juliet was Try to show that what they felt was love and not infatuation or lust. You need a conclusion. The concluding paragraph is only about three sentences long. Romeo and Juliet is a play.

OK first of all why is this essay so short????! Here is my thesis: Juliet does not live long enough to realize the meaning of this quote, Now my 3 points of argument will be: We were provided with a series of topics from Romeo and Juliet and this information was within the topic information provided. Our teacher has allowed us to use these as our points of argument. Our teacher wants us to use the 5 paragraph essay technique with Point - Proof - Analysis in each of the body paragraphs.

She wants to have 3 sets of PPF in each of the body paragraphs, meaning 3 distinct points and 3 distinct proofs from the play for each point of argument that I have. Can someone give me an example of a paragraph that has 3 sets of PPF in it? It can be about a totally different topic, I just want to see what the end result will look like.

I am also having trouble with the introductory paragraph. A brief explanation perhaps? Here is my example: Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope that someone here can help me.

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Jul 19,  · Hello, was wondering if anyone could help me out with my essay. (It is only 9th grade so should be fairly easy.) The essay question is: What are the central concerns in "Romeo and Juliet" and how are they portrayed?Status: Open.

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Feb 06,  · I have been asked to write an essay on Romeo's changing view of love and i was wondering if anyone could help me with quotes or how his perception on love has changed. I am writing about act 1 scene 5 where Romeo attends the party and act 2 scene 2 talking about what mood Romeo is in and the balcony scene. Any help would Status: Resolved.

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May 16,  · i need to write an essay about figurative language in romeo and juliet. my thesis statement is: "in the play, romeo and juliet, william shakespeare uses foreshadowing, personification and puns to draw the audience into a better understanding of the tragic relationship between romeo and juliet." i already have a paragraph on foreshadowing, but i need help Status: Resolved. Apr 16,  · is this essay okay for an 8th grader? A simple flaw can be more fatal than death itself. In The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, this becomes apparent to the reader in many cases. Romeo is a very flawed character whose impulsive behavior led to the death of not only himself but also his beloved Juliet. Romeo quickly changing his undying love he felt with Rosaline to Juliet Status: Resolved.

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Apr 18,  · I have an essay due in tomorrow, however i have been off school before the easter holidays very ill with menengitis and i only have a few notes on this essay from my friends. I would appreciate it if you could help me? The essay title is: How does Shakespeare present romeo in the first few scenes of the play? I have managed to finish the essay Status: Resolved. Jan 11,  · This Site Might Help You. RE: Romeo and Juliet introduction paragraph for essay HELP!!!? So, I have to write an essay explaining 3 characters responsible for the tragedy in Romeo and Resolved.