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Criminal Justice Test 2

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The Criminal Justice System Essay

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This sample criminology paper explores the reasons why people commit violence and criminal acts. Sociologists study poverty, race, and other demographics to determine how they impact criminal behavior.

This sample research paper argues that socioeconomic status is a risk factor for potential criminal behavior. Check out our free samples page or use our site search. We have more examples available in our blog that cover specialties such as nursing, law enforcement, health, child psychology, and more.

Choose a current topic, draw in your audience, and narrow down your argument. Center your paper on current topics and consider how criminal laws impact social order. Criminal justice studies how governments create and enforce criminal laws to maintain social order. Experts in this field often create academic-style papers focused on legal and social issues and encourage public officials to act. Good sources include United States government databases on crime statistics, as well as peer-reviewed journals and publications that feature cutting-edge and verified research on important topics regarding your subject.

A respectable, well-crafted criminal justice paper deals with a particular issue. Good papers focus on a single argument or set of arguments that are backed up with evidence. Shorter argumentative and persuasive essays can draw attention to your hypothesis and motivate the audience.

Writing a research paper can be a great way to convey your solution to a problem. Research papers are great tools for giving an in-depth look at the problems facing the criminal justice system.

Argumentative and persuasive essays also draw attention to your argument and claims. While research papers take an in-depth look at one or more issues, argumentative essays tend to focus on one main problem.

Earlier we discussed choosing a narrow topic. Argumentative essays also use a narrow topic but only use one or two elements from your hypothesis. The hypothesis may state:. Problem — "Sentencing drug offenders to lengthy prison terms overcrowd the prison. Solution — "Sentence drug offenders according to their situation rather than their crime. Focusing on one problem or one solution keeps the paper concise and prevents the reader from feeling overwhelmed.

While this system may not work for every criminal justice research project, it does serve as a starting point to guide your research and analysis.

A criminal justice paper starts by choosing a specific topic. Start with a general problem i. Remember your page restrictions. Some writers are faced with the problem of including vast amounts of research in as little space as possible. Prevent page overages by narrowing your topic even further is possible. Review existing expert theoretical material to guide your process and flesh out the hypothesis.

Criminal justice research focuses on theories combined with already proven evidence. Most of these theories focus on a specific issue or problem. Review existing theories other experts have already considered. Consider their approach and determine whether you agree with their assessment, then explain your reasoning. EBSCOhost maintains a library of peer-reviewed articles.

This information will help guide your research and reduce problems when organizing your paper. Reviewing theoretical material should be a starting point to help guide your process. Choose whether to use original research, existing expert data, or a combination of the two. Before conducting any research, you have to determine what type of data you are going to use and how to obtain it.

Most researchers use different types of research in their criminal justice paper. Primary research is performed using your own methodology. Conduct surveys by preparing questions designed to gather necessary information about the targets. Case studies investigate the issue by looking through police records, medical histories, court records, or life histories. Use your topic, theoretical material, and research question to create a hypothesis and thesis statement. Some criminal justice papers will make claims that are not backed by evidence.

It is one thing to say that prisons increase drug abuse in prisoners, but such a statement requires evidence and proof to make it valid. Use primary research or gather information from peer-reviewed journals and government databases. All sources, evidence, and research material should come from your own primary research or peer-reviewed data. Peer-reviewed means at least three experts in that field reviewed the data for honesty, integrity, accuracy, and accepted methodology.

Evaluate your sources to make sure they meet all appropriate guidelines. All research used in your criminal justice paper should come from reputable sources that have been vetted by a board of review or are government-conducted research.

Good sources include United States government databases on crime statistics, as well as peer-reviewed journals and publications that feature cutting-edge and verified research on important topics regarding our subject. What federal agency is responsible for fugitive investigations? Which of the following is a branch of the Department of Homeland Security?

Which state had the earliest example of state police? Roughly how many metropolitan police agencies employ more than 1, sworn officers? Roughly how many metropolitan police agencies employ just one sworn officer?

Police sketch artists and mugbooks are being replaced with what type of modern technology? What city was the first to hire and award the title of police officer to a woman in ? Core beliefs at the heart of the police culture Which of the following traits is said to be found on all levels of policing?

An officer approaches a group of teenagers standing in a parking lot, drinking beer. She checks them for gang symbols and calls into the station to ascertain if any of them have active warrants. This officer typifies which officer style? Which style of policing prefers to ignore or treat informally issues of concern, unless the social or political order of being jeopardized?

Which policing style utilizes the least amount of discretion? Court decisions that limit police discretion are an example of a n:. The inconvenience and physical strains that come from rotating shift work are examples of:.

Which of the following is not commonly identified as a factor related to police shootings? Supreme court case deemed the use of deadly force against an unarmed and non-dangerous fleeing felon an illegal seizure under the Fourth Amendment?

What was the name of the famous commission that investigated corruption in NYC in the s? Criminal justice thesis is written to deliver the needs of students doing majors in criminal justice and related fields along with those students who are interested in learning further about criminal justice subjects. Through Criminal justice thesis, student may able to understand an advanced theory as well as practice of criminal justice implemented in United States along with students becomes able to evaluate the significance and rationale of research as well as theory in the innovation of information inside the area of criminal justice in United States.

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Order instructions Read the following scenarios and answer each prompt. Communication and Collaboration The branches of criminal justice may appear to function autonomously, but there is a lot of interaction and collaboration between them. In this part of the career investigation, you will need to think about some scenarios where .

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The Criminal Justice System has many components that make up its system. The police, corrections, and the courts all play the role and act together in trying to. Related Post of Writing assignments service criminal justice instant homework help queen victoria write methodology for research proposal nih critical thinking book.

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