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Why study online?

Each question would be presented with multiple choices as answers, from which you make your selection. After taking a test, a student is advised to go through the solutions and detailed explanations for all the test problems. Even for problems answered correctly. The explanations can be extremely helpful in building your knowledge and refining your understanding of the subject.

Advanced Test results are reported in the Progress Report of the student. Advance Test helps students to understand where they stand in their knowledge of the subject, and if they require further guidance. Since the Test is designed to be of the same rigor as a real test, it helps the student get accustomed to the examination, and thus, instill confidence in the student. This test is uniquely designed to prepare the student to do well in real tests.

Each test question will have multiple choices, precisely choose the right answer. Take the test in an environment, and with the mindset, which resembles real test situations.

SOS has made available a huge question bank on each and every subject. It has carried out an intense research and analysis to build an exclusive question bank for the students.

Formulated under the guidance of experienced teachers, the question back offers the student all possible questions to prepare well for the examination. These practice questions help the student develop enough confidence and become an expert in each and every subject.

Performance Chart tracks the time spent in studying and also the proficiency demonstrated in tests. The graphical representation of time spent each month is displayed. Use these charts to determine where you need to spend your time as you progress. At one glance, it shows you how much time you have spent on each module. The purpose of the log summary is to monitor the most significant activity — study habit!

The log summary shows the date and time spent on any module of any subject, broken down by sections. This information can be used to identity where the student should spend more time. Students say about our remarkable services. Self Study Online has helped me build my confidence in test taking.

Its rigorous curriculum with no-nonsense approach to each subject keeps you on your toes. The best thing is, I never felt bored studying and taking tests on the SOS platform.

I strongly recommend SOS to any student who wants to take charge of his education and wants to succeed in real life exams. SOS provided me with an excellent opportunity to try my knowledge on a wide variety of interesting problems of different levels of difficulty. Using SOS I could develop an efficient test taking strategy that works during real life exams. Most of them were either too expensive, or they were too trivial. SOS was the only study platform that offered me with high quality study material and tests problems that even top rated companies fail to provide.

Step by step, SOS helped me train myself to take tests like a pro. I owe my success to SOS. I was skeptic of online study sites and believed a live classroom is the only way to master a subject.

Self Online Study changed my belief. SOS offered me the perfect learning environment and helped me develop my expertise in gradual steps, at a pace that I felt was right for me. SOS challenged my understanding with a variety of interesting problems and then explained the solutions in a lucid manner. Today, I have no hesitation in saying that Self Online Study is the best online learning site today.

Their subject-wise and chapter-wise tests helped me build on my strengths and in addition get rid of my weakness across subjects. SOS is the biggest reason because of which I feel so confident today. I was putting my hard work but was disappointed with the poor study material and non-systematic approach of the online study sites I enrolled with.

Today with a high degree of satisfaction I can say that SOS is the best when it comes to online study. How to Use SOS 1. All course contents are assured by expert teachers.

Select a course of study from multiple high quality courses designed to help you succeed. Collect points by referring friends to SOS, receive gift points, or buy points. Schedule your time to log-in for your courses and to do your assignments. Additionally, you also have the possibility to save and record your lessons and read and replay them as much as you like. You have complete freedom to pick your learning environment: With the growing need for online education, there has been an increase in available online and distance study programmes, giving you a great choice of different programmes to choose from.

You can learn a foreign language or advance your tech skills and learn about a new software or programming language. Online universities sometimes have less or even no formal requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to access courses.

In the case of open universities, these usually accept any student, with no age limits and no prior education requirement. For each course you complete, you will earn credits that can be transferred towards a degree if they decide to enrol and get admitted at the same university.

Studying online does not mean you are left alone in your self-study environment. Most online programmes are designed in such a way that you receive great support from university tutors and individual feedback to keep you focused on your studies. You can arrange a personal appointment with tutors and contact personnel from the student support services at any time for any technical or administrative issue. Some universities even have their own YouTube channel, and allow students to download materials from iTunes and listen to them on MP3 players.

You can also access interactive instruction and individual assessment platforms, and online labs.

Engage, Understand and Enhance your Learning Experience.

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