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❶The correct use of language is one of the criteria included in the evaluation of all written work. Exhibits rare interpretive and analytic insight.

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A student cannot proceed to Part B of their candidature without satisfactory progress being achieved in Part A. Any problems regarding the process of supervision should be addressed. The report is to be discussed with and signed by the student. A point Honours thesis will be 15,, words in length excluding bibliography, glossaries, prefaces and appendices, but including footnotes or endnotes. The thesis may be written in English or in the target language with the advance permission of the discipline coordinator.

If the thesis is written in the target language, the abstract should be written in English. Students writing the thesis in the target language should also discuss with their supervisor whether to reference in the target language or in English. Listing primary materials and acknowledgement of existing research through careful citations and appropriately extensive listing of references or bibliography at the end of the thesis.

Statement of the research problem, the aims of the thesis and the significance of the research. Discussion of theoretical positions that throw light on the research problem. Explanation of the methodology used. Explanation of choice of samples or materials. Analysis of the samples or materials assembled to address the research problem. Implications of the analysis and relation to research problem. New directions suggested for future research on the issues.

Questions of adjustment of methodology. Articulation and progression of major units or chapters. Maintenance of overall theme or point that gives research coherence and significance. Clarity, precision and economy of style. Accuracy and appropriateness of language used. Overall presentation of thesis. Presentation of title page. Pagination, layout, margins, typographical perfections, appropriate citation style, use of headings, etc. If a student fails the thesis component, they will be deemed to have failed the entire Honours program and will be ineligible to graduate from the Honours degree.

The Honours Thesis is due for submission by close of business on the Friday of Week 12 in the relevant Semester. It should be delivered during office hours, in the relevant number of copies, to the Arts Student Services counter level 2 South in the Menzies Building, Clayton Campus.

When you submit, you will be provided with a receipt and your thesis will be logged and passed on to your school for examination. Students must also submit an electronic copy via Moodle. Students seeking for further extension to the submission date of the Honours thesis, must apply for special consideration BEFORE the submission date, following the Faculty of Arts special consideration procedures.

A complete version is to be submitted to the Honours supervisor well before the due date to allow for comments and revisions. In the first semester, the student will thoroughly plan the honours project under the supervision of a departmental faculty member, write a thesis proposal, present it via an open oral presentation and complete an ethics application form. In the second semester, the student will carry out the planned project, write the thesis, and present the thesis at a public thesis defense.

The student must carry the project to its final conclusion in order to be awarded credit for the course work. As per the Undergraduate Academic Calendar, students wishing to obtain an honours degree must make a formal application through the department chairperson normally by May 1 of the year prior to enrolment in the thesis course, using the standardized application form.

The Chair, in consultation with department faculty members, makes the decision to accept the applicant into the Honours Program or not.

Students should anticipate a formal acceptance letter via email by the end of May. As per the Academic Calendar, minimum requirements for acceptance into the honours degree are a GPA of 3.

Full requirements, as per the Academic Calendar, may be viewed on the second page of the application form.


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Yet all thesis writers may find the organizational strategies helpful. Introduction What is an honors thesis? That depends quite a bit on your field of study. However, all honors theses have at least two things in common: They are based on students’ original research. This information will help you approach writing your LLCL Honours thesis. This document is only a distillation of some points particularly relevant to the Honours thesis in LLCL. For a full account of the Arts faculty policies for Honours, including the roles and responsibilities of students and.